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Continental Tires

When driving a truck or car during the beautiful roads of Wyoming and Nebraska, Fremont Motors want to make sure you are using tires, which will bring you safe and sound from A to B. We are confident to offer you a tire brand like Continental.

Continental tires have a strong presence in cars, truck, off-road vehicles and van categories and with the their multiple line of specifications with various tire options available, we know you will find the tire for your vehicle and driving needs.
  • Tire ContiSportContact 3 - Ultra-high performance tire that promotes shorter braking, extra grip and responsive handling. 
  • Tire ContiSportContact 2 is an innovative design that is known for its handling and performance at high speeds.
  • Tire ContiProContact is an all season tire for all road conditions.
  • Tire ContiTouringContact CT/CH/CV/CW95 is perfect for performance touring vehicles in all seasons.
Since we are in Wyoming and Nebraska we have to address the sometime wicked weather and road conditions. With the Continental ExtremeWinter Contact you will experience a winter tire, designed for excellent snow traction. Nevertheless this tire also performs well on dry and wet pavement in cold conditions. It will improve dry handling, resist hydroplaning, provide excellent traction in snow and reduce braking distances in the snow and ice.

For daily drivers seeking extreme grip from a performance tire in wet and dry conditions the answer should be Continental ExtremeContact DW. This tire is tuned for ultra-high performance drivers seeking extreme grip in varying conditions. When knowing that an all-season tire is most desired, the ExtremeContact DWS will be the right choice for the ultra-high performance driver seeking grip in dry, wet and snow conditions.

For your passenger car, coupe or minivan, Continental offers the ProContact with EcoPlus Technology and the ContiProContact. As mentioned above, the ContiProContact is an excellent all-season performance and touring tire for all weather conditions. The ProContact with EcoPlus Technology is an all season tire that was developed to enhance driving pleasure, save money and surpass the competition.

For more information on any other Continental tire, please contact us via our contact us form or give us a call at the Fremont Motors Continental tire location of your choice. Be assured that we will beat any other competitors Continental tire price.

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