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Have you ever wondered how dealerships come up with their prices on trade-ins and used vehicles.  A good bet is they are using something called the Black Book ( that helps them calculate used car values.

Black Book

Black Book For Dealers

Black Book delivers actionable intelligence and accurate car values that dealers use to calculate the price they are willing to buy your vehicle for trade-in and the price they are willing to sell a use vehicle.

Calculating a vehicle price can involve all sorts of equations from inventory levels to demand to age and condition.  Even location can effect a vehicles overall price.

Black Book compiles all this information and presents it in a form a dealer can understand and act upon.

Black Book Subscription

Black Book is a subscription based publication and breaks down subscriptions into several categories including.

  • Used Car and Light Trucks
  • Cars of Particular Interest
  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Powersports
  • New Cars
  • Recreational Vehicles

Subscriptions can be purchased both on a monthly and a yearly basis.  Obviously discounts are available for the yearly memberships.

While the Black Book is geared towards Dealerships, consumers can certainly purchase either a monthly or yearly subscription.

NADA Guides vs. Black Book vs. Kelley Blue Book

There are 3 main competitors in the vehicle pricing space including NADA Guides, Black Book and Kelley Blue Book.

  • NADA Guides is owned by J.D. Power & Associates.  NADA Guides determines used car values via data collection using both transactional and market data.
  • Black Book falls under the Hearst publishing umbrella.   Black Book is constantly monitoring prices and is constantly updated to provide the most up to date pricing.
  • Kelley Blue Book is a consumer facing product.  KBB has been around for over 90 years and is the auto industry leader for consumer based data.

Black Book vs. Kelley Blue Book Trade In Values


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