Top 8 Electric Car Models for 2018

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Electric cars have made a real impact on the automotive world and in 2018 the electric car lineup is as impressive as ever.  While Fremont Motors doesn’t carry all these models, we feel consumers should know all the facts before buying a new or used electric car.

Why Purchase An Electric Car

Before we get into the electric car models, we thought it would be a great time to list why you might want to purchase an electric vehicle.

  • Electric cars cost less than Gas vehicles – It’s true that after the initial purchase, yearly maintenance and fuel costs are much less than their gas guzzling counterparts.
  • Electric cars are environmentally friendly – Without a doubt, electric cars place less stress on the environment since they don’t emit pollutants.
  • Convenience – In 2018 electric car owners have more options for charging their vehicles than their gas counterparts.  Electric cars can be charged at home, at the office and often at various stores.
  • Low Maintenance Requirements – In general electric vehicles require less maintenance, in part because they have less moving parts that can break down over time.
  • Electric cars are quiet – It’s almost eerie how quiet electric cars are.  Without a motor and pistons to make noise, electric are much more quiet than gas engined vehicles.
  • Electric vehicles come with perks – It seems electric vehicles get all the love.
    • The Government will often offer incentives to electric vehicle drivers
    • Electric Utilities often offer incentives for charging a vehicle
    • Many stores and locations offer electric only vehicle charging stations and perk parking spots.

Top 8 Electric Car Models for 2018

For 2018, the following electric cars are the ones to watch.

  • BMW i3 (114 Mile Range)
  • Chevy Bolt (238 Mile Range)
  • Kia Soul EV (111 Mile Range)
  • Hyundai IONIQ Electric Car (124 Mile Range)
  • Nissan LEAF (150 Mile Range)
  • Volkswagen e-Golf (125 Mile Range)
  • Tesla Model 3 (220 Mile Range)
  • Tesla Model S (249 to 315 Mile Range)
  • Tesla Model X (237 to 289 Mile Range)

BMW i3 Electric Car

BMW i3 Electric Car

The BMW i3 was designed to for the city dweller who doesn’t go on long road trips.  With a quirky look, great handling, BMW’s innovative interior, the BMW i3 definitely hits a certain car buyer’s needs.

With a 114 mile range, the i3 works for most people who need a car for quick runs to the store and short commutes.

Chevy Bolt Electric Car

2018-Chevy Bolt Ev Electric Car Electric Vehicle

The Chevy Bolt was the first mass production electric vehicle to really hit the US market.  With a 238 mile range, essentially doubling the BMW i3’s range, the bolt has become much more main stream allowing even the commuter who has a longer commute to travel with confidence.  Both Motor Trend and Clean Technica dubbed it the “Car of the Year”.

Kia Soul EV Electric Car

Kia Soul EV Electric Car

Part car, part SUV, the Kia Soul EV’s target market appears to be towards city dwellers.  With a of 111 miles, you certainly will not be using it for long road trips.

Hyundai IONIQ Electric Car

hyundai-ioniq-electric car 2018


The Hyundai IQNIQ Electric is Hyundai’s answer to electric cars.  Like many of the electric car competitors, the IQNIQ current 124 mile range limits it’s use to mostly city driving.

Nissan Leaf Electric Car

Nissan Leaf Electric Car 2018

The Nissan Leaf, with an expected 150 range has enjoyed a huge following and been dubbed the best selling electric car in history.  An Interesting update includes PROPilot, Nissan’s autopilot system.  The electric car comes with adequate space for 4 and plenty of room for luggage.  Another cool feature is the Leaf’s regenerative braking system providing charging while driving.


Volkswagen E-Golf Electric Car

Volkswagen E-Golf Electric Car

The Volkswagen E-Golf is remarkable similar to it’s gas using cousin, the Volkswagen Golf.  Many people probably wouldn’t know the difference.  Again as with most of the highlighted electric cars, the E-Golf’s driving range is 125 miles, making it the perfect city commuter, but lacking for longer trips.

Tesla Electric Cars (Model 3, Model X and Model S)

Blowing away the current electric car lineup comes Tesla, a car company that only produces electric cars, which far exceed the driving range of others.

With driving mileage ranging from 220 miles to 335, Tesla has made the leap from only city driving cars to actual road trip driving.

Tesla’s 2018 lineup includes 3 models including

  • Tesla Model 3
  • Tesla Model X
  • Tesla Model S

With over 500k reservations for the Model 3, plan on a long wait for your order.  It’s the least expensive in the lineup and is designed for the masses, well at least those who can afford an electric car that is over 30K.

The Model X is for those who enjoy the benefits of SUVs and are looking for a more rugged look.

The Model S is Tesla’s top of the line electric Sedan with absolute rave reviews from owners.

Tesla Model S Red Electric Car 2018

Electric Cars – Bottom Line

While most electric cars certainly provide benefits over their gas counterparts, the overall cost is something to consider.  If you plan on selling your car within 3-5 years, owning an electric car might not be the wise choice, as the initial price over a comparable gas car might not be recouped.

For those that are loving the electric concept though, owning an electric car might be just the ticket.

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